The Fashion Evolution of Bow Ties

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Wood is one of the most used building material that was used to produce furniture. Nowadays, wood is used to produce different products like phone cases, sunglasses, and notebooks. Now we introduce the wooden bow ties. But first look at the history of bowties.

History of Bowties

The inception of bowties can be traced back to the 17th century. The Croatian soldiers were first to wear a necktie to keep their collars together. It was adopted by the French soldiers after the 30 Years War. After that, it was used by the upper classes. It was in 1880 when the bowties became the main fashion in man’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, since its inception bow ties have gone through many changes in form and function. Now bow ties can be used in different looks, from street style to celebrity fashion. In the 1920s and 30s, bow ties crossed the gender line. The stars Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich paved the way for today’s unisex look. In recent times, bow ties have been incorporated into everyday style. Take a look at the latest style of the bow tie.

Wooden Bow Ties

Gone are the days when bow ties were only for upper class. The bow ties have transformed from being a formal accessory to multipurpose fashion accessory. They can be incorporated into any look by both, women and men.

The wooden bow ties are a statement piece that is durable and unique. This is why we have updated the accessory with wood to help you make a fashion statement. Whether you are going to a formal event or casual party, the wooden bow tie is perfect for every event. So dealers are now crazy to have a collection of wooden bow ties in their shop to grab the attention of customers.

Cool Wooden Products is the only one stop shop where they can get an exclusive range of wooden bow ties.

Features of Different Wood Materials

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Cool Wooden Products is your premium one-stop shop to get the quality wooden products from. Our most prominent feature, that sets us apart from rest of our competitors, is the use of best quality wood material to manufacture the products. Read on to have a detailed look at the material we use to manufacture the extremely appealing and useful wooden products

Maple wood: It is mostly found in Europe, Asia, and in the US. It has a unique texture of highly figured burl grains. The wood can be found in different colors; reddish brown, creamy etc. The maple wood found in creamy color is durable, stronger, and stiffer as compared to the other wood types; hence, we use this wood to make the most durable and visually pleasing wooden products.

Walnut wood: Walnut wood has exceptional physical features and has the properties which make it the best material to be used for manufacturing premium quality wooden products. The tree develops a rich patina which, with the passage of time, tends to grow more gleaming and radiant. We are one of the leading wooden products suppliers who are importing this wood from South Dakota to manufacture the best products for our valued customers.

Ebony wood: The standout feature of Ebony wood is its fine texture with attractive patterns which give this wood a metallic appearance. It is found in fresh pink-brown color which changes to red-brown as the wood ages.

Zebra wood: The dark brown streaks on this wood are similar to the ones on Zebra; hence, it is known as Zebra wood. It is found in light brown/creamy color. The unique texture, appealing color, and the extensive properties make it one of the best materials to be used to manufacture quality products.

Skateboard wood: Skateboard wood or decks are one of the most durable and strong wood which are mostly used in manufacturing quality wooden sunglasses. Skateboard is made of variety of woods and the most ideal one is maple wood. Skateboard Wood is made by layering thin pieces of wood also know as veneer. 7 layers of veneers are used to make skateboard.

We, at Cool Wooden Products,  pride ourselves in offering the best wooden products using the above-mentioned materials to our valued customers.

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