How to Make Wooden Sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses are either completely handcrafted or machine cut or hand finished. There are few producers who have a production process that is fully hand made. Mostly wooden sunglasses producers are using technologies to improve the process and time consumption. We have highlighted the process of how to make wooden sunglasses.

Take a look at how wooden sunglasses are made.

Step1: Design:

The first step is to design the wood sunglasses. You must have to design everything from shape to size to details to small openings. CAD programs are mostly used for bulk manufacturing. However, you can even create a draft on a paper. As a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, we can make any idea of your design come true, unlike other sunglasses design that needs very high quantity and cost to make one new model, it is really low-budget for designing your own wooden sunglasses with us!

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Design Sunglasses

 Step2: Material Preparation:

Now we start making the wooden sunglasses. The first step in production is material preparation. All the wood we use have FSC certificate and they have been dried. Workers will saw the raw material into a specific size according to the design we have made.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Material Preparation Sunglasses

Step3: Cutting

Before Cutting, we have to draw the shape in computer. The whole process finished by high-precision CNC technology.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Cutting Sunglasses

Step4: Slotting

This is an important step in which we will make the slot for lenses inside the frame, the holes for screws. Skilled workers do all these by hand.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Slotting

Step5: Sanding

Sanding wooden frames and polishing them is the next step. We will do six times sanding in this step to make sure that the frame, arms are smooth enough, and the sunglasses has perfect radian.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Sanding Sunglasses

Step6: Assembling

In this step, the metal spring hinges are glued into the temple. The temples are assembled with the frames.

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Assembling Sunglasses

Step7: Printing

We will print 4 times for primer and 6 times for finishing coat, all the oil paint we use are eco-friendly and meet all the standards for testing.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Printing Sunglasses

Step8: Logo

If you want engraving your logo on the wooden sunglasses, then laser is the best solution. AI or PDF format will be good

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Logo

Step9: Lenses inserting:

Now, the frames are prepared for inserting lenses. We will cut the lenses by machine and insert the lenses by hand, unlike the Metal or Plastic sunglasses that has very standard inner slot for the lenses. The Wood sunglasses frame’s slot is always tiny & different from each other for which this step is really time-consuming as we have to cut a few lenses, and try if it fits and then repeat it again.

Lenses inserting

Step 10: Inspection and Packaging

Now the sunglasses are ready to go, but we will do one more quality inspection before the items are put into boxes. Workers will use cleaning pads to make sure there is fingerprint on lenses as well as other quality details. Each lenses will be protected by a film and the sunglasses will be into opp bag separately .

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Sunglasses Packaging

In the end, the above-mentioned steps might not include some steps but we hope it gives you a better idea of how to produce wooden sunglasses. To get the best hand crafted wooden sunglasses, visit our page today.

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