Top 10 Hot Selling Wooden Sunglasses on Amazon

round wood sunglasses with polarized lens

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace that offers a variety of items. Talking about wooden sunglasses, one can easily find different wooden sunglasses on Amazon. If you want to offer wooden sunglasses to your customers, consider the following top 10 bestselling wooden sunglasses on Amazon.

1. Wooden Sunglasses by Cool Wooden Products
Cool wooden products offer the top quality of wooden sunglasses to the customers. They are a B2B business so you can easily order wooden products and wooden sunglasses from them. The wooden sunglasses offered by Cool wooden products have vibrant colors and are ideal for children between 5 and 10 years. These are made with handcrafted skateboard wood that makes them durable and easy to wear as well. The glasses are polarized and provide 100% protection from UV rays.

2. Tree Tribe Bamboo Sunglasses
Tree Tribe bamboo sunglasses are available in a variety of colors. However, they are a bit expensive. The bamboo wood gives them the unique element.

3. Ynport Wooden Sunglasses
Ynport wooden sunglasses have unique and amazing designs that are hard to find elsewhere. You can also find them in Cat-eye design that is very popular.

4. Yabina Polarized Wooden Sunglasses
Yabina Polarized Wooden Sunglasses are lightweight yet trendy wooden sunglasses that make a good deal. The natural color of the wood gives them an exclusive look.

5. Floating Bamboo Wood Sunglasses
Floating wooden sunglasses offered by Cor Surf are made with high-quality bamboo wood along with a bamboo case. These can also be a good gift idea.

6. Outin Handmade Wooden Sunglasses
Those who like the feel of African savannah should consider handmade wooden sunglasses offered by Outin. These are designed for men and have a very sober design.

7. Rainforest Unisex Canopy Sunglasses
These are one of the most expensive wooden sunglasses available on Amazon offered by Rainforest. The fact that these are unisex, makes them ideal for both the genders.

8. Summit Wooden Sunglasses
Summit wooden sunglasses are one of the best-selling wooden sunglasses on Amazon. They have a very conventional design that gives a nice look to the wearer. There is only one color available in these sunglasses i.e. natural wood color.

9. Natural Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses
Unisex bamboo sunglasses are one of the best selling wooden sunglasses on Amazon. They have natural wooden color but there are variants available with a different color of the glasses.

10. Wood Fans Wooden Sunglasses
These are another best-selling wooden sunglasses on Amazon. The only thing that makes them an average option is the color of their arms that is not very attractive.

Kids Wooden Sunglasses – Why to Sell Them?

Kids wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses are used by all, especially in the summer season. Children love wearing sunglasses while going out to play or on a picnic. However, plastic sunglasses can get hot when the sun is out which cannot be worn and the purpose of sunglasses fail. Being a dealer, you have to offer a new variety of sunglasses to the customers that they can find easy to wear and here Cool Wooden products comes’ into picture. We are the one stop manufacturer of Wooden sunglasses, recently launched our new product range wooden Sunglasses for kids.

Kids wooden sunglasses are one of the latest additions to the wide variety of sunglasses. There are tons of benefits of wearing kids wooden sunglasses. Being a dealer of sun glasses, you have to offer products to the customers that they find valuable and worth their money. These sunglasses have vibrant colors that are attractive to the eyes and give a very pleasant feel. Be it a beach party or a birthday celebration, kids can wear the wooden sunglasses and look trendy among their friends.

Why They are a Good Deal

Parents are always looking for something for their children that is durable. Wooden sunglasses for kids are made with handcrafted skateboard wood. The stainless steel spring loaded hinges add that extra strength to the sunglasses. The TAC polarized lenses provide 100% protection from the UV rays coming from the sun. These sunglasses are available in different colors so you can offer a wide range of wooden sunglasses for kids.

Kids of the 21st century do not compromise on their style and they are always after cool and classy items that are not only unique but match their personality as well. Wooden sunglasses are quite rare and still not very common. Kids love to wear such items that can make them look stand out among the rest of their friends. This is the opportunity that you need to capitalize on and get wooden sunglasses for your business that you can sell further to the customers.

If you order more than 50 pieces, you get the option of getting the logo engraved for free. The size of these sunglasses is suitable for kids between the age of 5 and 10 years. However, you can also order them in a bigger size if you are willing to sell them to customers of all ages.

How to Make Wooden Sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses are either completely handcrafted or machine cut or hand finished. There are few producers who have a production process that is fully hand made. Mostly wooden sunglasses producers are using technologies to improve the process and time consumption. We have highlighted the process of how to make wooden sunglasses.

Take a look at how wooden sunglasses are made.

Step1: Design:

The first step is to design the wood sunglasses. You must have to design everything from shape to size to details to small openings. CAD programs are mostly used for bulk manufacturing. However, you can even create a draft on a paper. As a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, we can make any idea of your design come true, unlike other sunglasses design that needs very high quantity and cost to make one new model, it is really low-budget for designing your own wooden sunglasses with us!

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Design Sunglasses

 Step2: Material Preparation:

Now we start making the wooden sunglasses. The first step in production is material preparation. All the wood we use have FSC certificate and they have been dried. Workers will saw the raw material into a specific size according to the design we have made.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Material Preparation Sunglasses

Step3: Cutting

Before Cutting, we have to draw the shape in computer. The whole process finished by high-precision CNC technology.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Cutting Sunglasses

Step4: Slotting

This is an important step in which we will make the slot for lenses inside the frame, the holes for screws. Skilled workers do all these by hand.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Slotting

Step5: Sanding

Sanding wooden frames and polishing them is the next step. We will do six times sanding in this step to make sure that the frame, arms are smooth enough, and the sunglasses has perfect radian.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Sanding Sunglasses

Step6: Assembling

In this step, the metal spring hinges are glued into the temple. The temples are assembled with the frames.

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Assembling Sunglasses

Step7: Printing

We will print 4 times for primer and 6 times for finishing coat, all the oil paint we use are eco-friendly and meet all the standards for testing.

how to produce wooden sunglasses--Printing Sunglasses

Step8: Logo

If you want engraving your logo on the wooden sunglasses, then laser is the best solution. AI or PDF format will be good

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Logo

Step9: Lenses inserting:

Now, the frames are prepared for inserting lenses. We will cut the lenses by machine and insert the lenses by hand, unlike the Metal or Plastic sunglasses that has very standard inner slot for the lenses. The Wood sunglasses frame’s slot is always tiny & different from each other for which this step is really time-consuming as we have to cut a few lenses, and try if it fits and then repeat it again.

Lenses inserting

Step 10: Inspection and Packaging

Now the sunglasses are ready to go, but we will do one more quality inspection before the items are put into boxes. Workers will use cleaning pads to make sure there is fingerprint on lenses as well as other quality details. Each lenses will be protected by a film and the sunglasses will be into opp bag separately .

how to produce wooden sunglasses-Sunglasses Packaging

In the end, the above-mentioned steps might not include some steps but we hope it gives you a better idea of how to produce wooden sunglasses. To get the best hand crafted wooden sunglasses, visit our page today.

New Wooden Gadgets- Watches and Phone Holders

Are you looking for new wooden products? We, at Cool Wooden Products, offer you the best and latest wooden products. Both men and women can enjoy attractive and beautiful wooden accessories in any form. Wooden gadgets are best as they are durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly. So, take look at some of our new wooden gadgets.

Wooden Watches

The traditional watches are still go-to accessory when it comes to adding a touch of sophistication. Unfortunately, the watches have become generic and boring. This is why manufacturers have introduced wooden watches. They are perfect for adding a unique and natural touch of class.

They are environment-friendly and unique because of the exclusivity of the wood pieces. So, no one else will have a watch that is similar to yours. You can make a great fashion statement with a wooden watch. Therefore, a wooden watch will make a memorable impression that you can carry for years to come.

Phone Holders

Another great product that has recently gained popularity is wooden phone holders. Wood phone holders are durable that can withstand a drop, slide across the floor and fall. Each holder is treated to protect the wood from drying out. They are laminated so they can be durable and long-lasting.

You can get the holder customized according to your preferences. The wood is one of a kind but with engraving, you can a personal touch to your holder. The phone holders are lightweight, though it depends on the thickness of the wood. They are minimalist in design that provides protection and uniqueness that you desire.

So, visit our page to get the best new wooden gadgets.

Wooden Accessories – Wear a Unique Style

Designer Wooden Accessories

In recent times, wooden accessories and wooden apparel have dominated the fashion industry. Gone are the days when it was believed that wooden items cannot be worn – thanks to the different wooden accessories suppliers. There are different wooden items available and one of the most amazing ones are the wooden bowties.

Benefits of Wooden Bowties

Some of the coolest benefits of wooden bowties are:

  • Simple – Wooden bowties are simple yet elegant. They have maintained the traditional bowties in a new manner which makes you look dashing.

  • Easy to Wear – These type of bowties are very easy to wear and remove.

  • Trendy Designs – Unlike fabric bowties, wooden bowties are available in different designs and shapes. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors. Not just have they a simple bow design, but they are available in different shapes as well.

  • Affordable & Durable – Wooden bowties are available in different price ranges and are easy to afford for people of all income scales. Besides being affordable, they are durable also and can last a lifetime.

These are some of the best benefits of wooden bowties. There are many different suppliers of wooden apparel accessories. However, if you are looking to get your hands on the best variety of wooden accessories and other items, you should consider They are one of the leading wooden accessories suppliers. You can get an extensive range of wooden items and accessories at very affordable prices with a complete guarantee of returns and exchange. In case you have any questions or queries, their customer service consultants will try their best to answer each one of them with complete satisfaction. Don’t wait, visit the website now and make your shop collection more trendy with wooden bowties.

Wooden Sunglasses – The Hottest Trend in Eyewear

wooden sunglasses in bulk

A big number of people are looking to become more eco-friendly. However, one area that has been ignored in this regard are sunglasses. Sunglasses can be made from different materials. Plastic frames can be damaging to the environment in particular. That is the reason why the demand of wooden sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses have grown significantly over the years.

Sunglasses made from wood and bamboo may seem a weird choice but these are sustainable materials which make them a popular choice as well as they are eco-friendly. Besides just being eco-friendly, sunglasses frames made from wood and bamboo are durable, long lasting, and look trendy enough for wearing with different types of outfits.

Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses are made with the purest forms of material and unlike plastic frames, there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of the sunglasses. Using these sunglasses can preserve the nature in its purest form. The designs of these type of sunglasses are also very unique and attractive. The natural design of the wood looks very exciting if worn with casual wear especially. However, these can also be carried with formal clothing.

With the advancements in technology, wooden sunglasses are being made in different colors and designs. If you don’t like the wood color, you can get them in other colors as well. Wooden sunglasses are one of the hottest trends in eyewear and it is anticipated that these type of sunglasses will take over the eyewear soon. New business entrepreneurs can get these wooden sunglasses in bulk for their brand promotion at a very low price. There are different companies manufacturing wooden and bamboo sunglasses. By choosing these sunglasses, not only they can go for brand-marketing but also playing a part in preserving the environment.

The Fashion Evolution of Bow Ties

wooden bowite

Wood is one of the most used building material that was used to produce furniture. Nowadays, wood is used to produce different products like phone cases, sunglasses, and notebooks. Now we introduce the wooden bow ties. But first look at the history of bowties.

History of Bowties

The inception of bowties can be traced back to the 17th century. The Croatian soldiers were first to wear a necktie to keep their collars together. It was adopted by the French soldiers after the 30 Years War. After that, it was used by the upper classes. It was in 1880 when the bowties became the main fashion in man’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, since its inception bow ties have gone through many changes in form and function. Now bow ties can be used in different looks, from street style to celebrity fashion. In the 1920s and 30s, bow ties crossed the gender line. The stars Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich paved the way for today’s unisex look. In recent times, bow ties have been incorporated into everyday style. Take a look at the latest style of the bow tie.

Wooden Bow Ties

Gone are the days when bow ties were only for upper class. The bow ties have transformed from being a formal accessory to multipurpose fashion accessory. They can be incorporated into any look by both, women and men.

The wooden bow ties are a statement piece that is durable and unique. This is why we have updated the accessory with wood to help you make a fashion statement. Whether you are going to a formal event or casual party, the wooden bow tie is perfect for every event. So dealers are now crazy to have a collection of wooden bow ties in their shop to grab the attention of customers.

Cool Wooden Products is the only one stop shop where they can get an exclusive range of wooden bow ties.

Why You Need Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Polarized Wood Sunglasses

One of the essential items that you must have in summers is sunglasses. However, not all sunglasses are made to protect yours from sun rays. What most of the people do is use sunglasses as a fashion accessory. But they are designed to do more that just that. They are designed to protect your eyes from the sun. Eyes being the most important part of the body; protecting it can save you from many skin diseases. Only sunglasses with polarized lenses can provide you full protection from the sun rays.Take a look at why you need polarized sunglasses.

Function of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses block the sun rays that would enter your eyes. Polarized sunglasses are coated with a special film that reduces glare helps you see clearly. They remove the effects of glare through blocking the reflections. As a result, it improves the eye comfort and enables you to see clearly without squinting. Moreover, polarized wood sunglasses reduce the eye strain. Most of the time squinting leads to stress on your eyes. Along with this, it creates other conditions as well like redness of the eye, headache, and irritation. Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from all uncomfortable eye health conditions.

Best Option- Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Polarized wood sunglasses are the latest invention in wooden products. You can get the best combination of wood and polarized sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses are great for everyday use as they are unique. Every sunglasses use a different wood, so wood pieces are similar. This makes your sunglasses one-of-a-kind. Mostly, sunglasses are durable that can withstand a drop. Polarized wood sunglasses are aesthetically designed to be long lasting. Our sunglasses are available in different ranges of woods.

Therefore, our polarized wood sunglasses are perfect for everyday use. Even after years of use, our sunglasses will still look great.

Features of Different Wood Materials

wooden products suppliers

Cool Wooden Products is your premium one-stop shop to get the quality wooden products from. Our most prominent feature, that sets us apart from rest of our competitors, is the use of best quality wood material to manufacture the products. Read on to have a detailed look at the material we use to manufacture the extremely appealing and useful wooden products

Maple wood: It is mostly found in Europe, Asia, and in the US. It has a unique texture of highly figured burl grains. The wood can be found in different colors; reddish brown, creamy etc. The maple wood found in creamy color is durable, stronger, and stiffer as compared to the other wood types; hence, we use this wood to make the most durable and visually pleasing wooden products.

Walnut wood: Walnut wood has exceptional physical features and has the properties which make it the best material to be used for manufacturing premium quality wooden products. The tree develops a rich patina which, with the passage of time, tends to grow more gleaming and radiant. We are one of the leading wooden products suppliers who are importing this wood from South Dakota to manufacture the best products for our valued customers.

Ebony wood: The standout feature of Ebony wood is its fine texture with attractive patterns which give this wood a metallic appearance. It is found in fresh pink-brown color which changes to red-brown as the wood ages.

Zebra wood: The dark brown streaks on this wood are similar to the ones on Zebra; hence, it is known as Zebra wood. It is found in light brown/creamy color. The unique texture, appealing color, and the extensive properties make it one of the best materials to be used to manufacture quality products.

Skateboard wood: Skateboard wood or decks are one of the most durable and strong wood which are mostly used in manufacturing quality wooden sunglasses. Skateboard is made of variety of woods and the most ideal one is maple wood. Skateboard Wood is made by layering thin pieces of wood also know as veneer. 7 layers of veneers are used to make skateboard.

We, at Cool Wooden Products,  pride ourselves in offering the best wooden products using the above-mentioned materials to our valued customers.

Jazz up your little kid’s wardrobe with the kids’ bow ties today!


Bowties have been one of the popular accessories for men which they flaunt on various corporate and other events. Not only these bow ties add a value to their look but also complement their personality. The trend is not only limited to men, as little kids are also seen flaunting these cute little bow ties on various occasions i.e. birthday parties, family events etc. to make a standout appearance. These bowties are available in various designs, styles, and colors, manufactured from different materials. However, the best ones are offered by Cool Wooden Products as they have recently launched their new product the unique kids’ bow ties that are made from the finest wooden material.

Read on to know some of the extensive features of the wooden bowties manufactured by Cool Wooden Products for kids.


Cool Wooden Products use the premium quality wood to manufacture the stunning bowties for kids. The bowties are handmade and they are polished off using natural wax for the best finesse and crisp look. A colorful premium quality fabric with the attractive pattern is placed at the middle of the bowtie to maintain the classic bowtie look.

Fashion Accessory

These bowties have emerged out to be a popular fashion accessory for kids to flaunt on their special occasions. It will not only give them a standout appearance but will also make them feel confidence about themselves. It can be used as a perfect alternative to the traditional neckties.

Exclusive Range

Cool Wooden Products are offering an exclusive range of wooden bow ties in different designs, styles, and colors. You can get the bowtie for your kid that goes with their dress for special occasions. The bowties offered by them include:

  • Kids Walnut Wooden Bowtie
  • Oak Wood Kids Bowtie
  • Walnut Wooden Bowtie for Kids
  • Kid Sized Wooden Bowtie


Since the bowties available at Cool Wooden Products are manufactured using finest quality wood, they can last for a longer period of time without losing their shine and mettle.

Market-Competitive Rates

All the products offered by Cool Wooden Products, including the very adorable wooden bowties for kids are available at market-competitive rates. You get these bowties and other fashion accessories for kids at affordable rates without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, since the products are durable, their value is completely worth the amount you spend on them.

To sum it up, if you are looking for new products for your shop or want to add a variety to your wooden accessories collection, wooden bowties is the best choice! You don’t have to go anywhere else but to Cool Wooden Products. They are offering the best range of bowties in attractive designs and colors, which can attract customers towards your shop. The bowties are easy on budget as you can get them at the rates as low as $2.20.

Be a Part of the Latest Trend with Custom Wood Sunglasses

custom wood sunglasses

Are you constantly looking for the latest fashion trends? Do you spend most of your time looking at the fashion magazines to keep up with the prevailing fashion trends? If you are all about keeping up with the latest rage in the fashion world then you have to remember to keep your eyes on the latest crazes in accessories and eyewear. Trends may come and go including in eyewear. You might remember the cat eye frames, oval frames, sportier frames and even neon colored frames. These are no longer in fashion. However, in recent years, one trend that has been driving the world crazy are the custom wood sunglasses.

Wooden Eyewear – Explained

As the name suggests, wooden eyewear is sunglasses whose frames are made with different wood materials. Wood eyeglasses became a trend when someone thought about utilizing the materials which are more abundant i.e. wood. These type of sunglasses where protects the eyes from the irritating sunlight also preserves the nature from plastic materials.

Why Choose Custom Wood Sunglasses

One of the major reasons for using custom wood sunglasses is the fact that these sunglasses are eco-friendly. Wearing these sunglasses provide you with all the advantages of a traditional pair of sunglasses. If you are thinking that you would have to wear the wood color, you are absolutely wrong. These sunglasses are available in different colors and exciting designs. You can carry them with any sort of wardrobe without
sacrificing your style.

Wood eyeglasses are a trend to stay for long. You should get your hands on these glasses for a chance to shine among your social circle and maintain a stylish personality.

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